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Breakfast Bar Stools Add Flavor To Anyone's Morning Toast!

Sure, bar stools were designed to be used primarily in a 'bar' atmosphere but now, with more and more people using them in their homes, they are being used in the breakfast area. Breakfast bar stools, as they are christened, are simply a bar stool that is designed to fit a specific kitchen set-up. Breakfast bar stools are taller, skinnier and built (usually) to swivel around. They are made to fit up next to a kitchen counter or a home bar.Breakfast bar stools are great because they come in a variety of styles/sizes to fit your needs. Now, there are...

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Looking To Buy The Right Swivel Bar Stools – Things To Keep In Mind

It is quite likely that when visiting bars and pubs you would have come across stools which swivel. As you order that exquisite drink and swivel around and talk to your friends or your beloved, it certainly is a great experience. However, one need not restrict these stools to pubs and bars alone. You could have your own dream drink corner in your home and can make it look almost as good as any quality pub in your city or town. However, while doing so, there are quite a few important points that you need to keep in mind. You...

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How To Find The Best Rustic Bar Stools?

          A beautiful furniture can enhance the beauty of the room, kitchen or even any restaurant and bar. The furniture pieces are getting sleeker and better. Thus, the rustic bar stools have become quite popular for the kitchens and bars. You can use these stools at any bar or for the bistro table. It can be a quite unique addition to the bar where people can sit comfortably and enjoy their drinks. Of course, there are various types of rustic stools available in different designs and colors. You can choose one from the various options available...

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Design News 22.3.17

From creating playful spaces that suit the chaos of family life to finding the inspiration with 5 gorgeous kitchen looks to renovating a 1912 Colonial Revival home to adding colour to creating a super functional kitchen in a 1773 farmhouse. Australian Homes Australian Homes - Jo Hoban Mickey Wolf and Steve Boyle and Family Today we introduce the home of Brisbane couple, Mickey Wolf and Steve Boyle, who run their own building company, SBUILT. The pair have combined their skills in architecture and carpentry to create an playful and environmentally sensitive space, well-suited to the chaos of family life (which is...

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Bar Stools Add To The Industrial Interior Design

A very generous customer recently shared some pics of their new bar stools from that added to their very gorgeous table and I couldn't go without sharing.

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Love love love them ,

Customer Service 110%

We ordered six tools with a seamless experience from ordering to delivery. Not to mention the great customer service provided by the team.

stool order

Arrived on time and in excellent condition

Paris Fantastic

We bought 4 of the Paris wind up stools. At the time there was low stock and Craig contacted me personally to ask if I wanted 2 now and 2 when the new stock arrived or if I'd prefer all 4 at once. Preferring all at once, Craig then touched base with me a couple of times to update me as to the progress of the new shipment. THEN he called me to tell me the date the stools would ship and, yup, they arrived when he said they would. How's that for service?!? Oh, and the stools? - EVERYONE comments on them and the fact you can wind them up and down means they suit who ever wants to sit. If you're thinking about getting something from Bar The Stool, stop thinking about it and start acting on it!

Excellent x 2

Excellent service, excellent product.
Easy to assemble and very comfortable stools.